Meet Brandon & Brently

These two boys right here are my everything! They make me who I am today.  Brandon’s life was not only physically crippling but emotionally and spiritually full of heart and soul.  He had a heart of gold.  He would laugh at some of the craziest sounds and things around him.  A pure ray of sunshine.  He showed me the calm in the midst of all his trials.  That speaks volumes to anyone who knew him.  Oh, how I miss him. He loved to pull hair.  That was his specialty. It came to a point where his brother Brently would lean over in his wheelchair so Brandon could pull his own hair cause he knew that would make him smile.  You could see the brotherly bond that they had toward one another.

Brently is my attitude child.  Yes, he got it from me.  I hate to admit that but he did.  He is so much like his momma.  This child can block you out in a heartbeat if he don’t want to hear it.  He is all boy! He loves Nascar and Alabama football.  You can’t go wrong with those two things. haha! He continues to amaze me everyday in beating the odds of daily living.

My boys know the meaning of LOVE.  They love with all their heart and they both love Jesus.  Brently knows that his brother is in Heaven today and when you ask him “Where is Brandon”? He replies with signing “angel wings”.  My boys are a gift from God.  I am so proud to be their mom and to enjoy the journey God set before us.  It has been really hard and yes we have struggled but I wouldn’t trade it for nothing!


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