Acceptance and the LOVE of Football


We all want to be accepted for who we are in this life.  Right?

As a special needs mom, I want this for my son. ACCEPTANCE. I have never seen him so excited than this very day (other than at church) Ha Ha! Some of Brent’s classmates, his teacher and coach, all came over to our home, as well as the local newspaper, and presented him with a team jersey. Go Lions!

A silent tear began to fall down my cheek as I was watching this all fall into place and I am so proud of him receiving something that he LOVES and enjoys.  This was a mommy-moment for sure and most definitely a daddy-moment as I watched my husband grin from ear to ear. There’s something special about people coming into your home and seeing your surroundings.  The reaction you get (because you are more in your comfort zone) is priceless.

I always dreamed that I would see my son under the Friday night lights playing his favorite sport of all time with his friends.  That dream has come true. His name is on the back of that jersey and he will wear it proudly as he supports his team from the sidelines.  I have been asked before  “How do you know he enjoys football when he is non-verbal?” my response, “If you only knew him like I do, you would just know that he does.”  I think this is why I strive to encourage others to come over to our home and get to know Brent.  He is truly a remarkable kid! He expresses his needs and wants just like you and I do.  He just does his in a modified version.  It’s that plain and simple and Brooks High School gets it! A shout out goes to Brent’s teacher, coach and teammates who surprised him with this amazing gift.

You know, having people see you as the person you are and not the DISability, well, let’s just say it can be life-changing.  I think for me, it is just ONE of the reasons that I raise awareness.

Since we have moved to this area, we were worried at how Brent would transition because he DOES NOT like change but we prayed that if this was the right thing to do then that is what we will do and  I can honestly say that I believe this was the best thing for him and not only him but for us as well.  The community here are true, down-to-earth type people and Jeff and I are so grateful for each one that has made us feel apart of this wonderful town.

Another prayer answered!


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