My Kind Of RARE

 Loving2016-02-09 17.05.06 someone who is RARE is a precious honor.  I am thankful God has given me the privilege to love 2 special RARE people in this life.  This RARE condition is a Chromosome and Neurological Disorder called L1 Syndrome. The ins and outs of daily struggles makes it worthwhile when the smallest little grin comes across their face or hearing the laughter and seeing the silly faces they make when they think no one is watching or listening or even signing a new sign after teaching it to them over and over and over again and you feel like your not winning this battle and all of a sudden…. he signs….

That’s my kind of RARE and I wouldn’t ask for anything different.  I have faced many things through the years of being a mom of a child and by God’s grace and mercy, He has brought me this far.

The greatest challenge in receiving great things from God is holding on for the last half hour when you know they are beating the odds.   God continues to bless and I wouldn’t make it without Him by my side.  Holding on to Jesus is all that I have in this RARE world. Love on someone who is RARE today. You will truly be blessed. I know I am!



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