Mail For You….

A tear silently rolled down my cheek as I opened a letter that was addressed to my son today. I looked at my husband and said, “I’m sure he could care less about his Medicaid and everything going on in this world today because he is free of all the chaos and why would the State want to send a letter in the mail for him to vote? Do they not know that almost four years ago our precious son went to Heaven? Does the State not realize that they didn’t care about him alive so why would they care now that he is gone?”

This, of course, is not the first time that Brandon has received mail after his death.  Actually, receiving his mail was just one of the hardest things I faced after he passed.  Everyone is different and grieves in their on way.  I have said that before because I know that fourth year mark (month and date) is coming soon and I can’t help but continue to wonder what Heaven must be like. It has to be glorious!

Brandon enjoyed his dad, grandparents, and I, as we read to him.  Anything we would get in the mail that had his name on it, he would get excited.  Even if was a letter from the State or the Government.  Ha ha! He would always roll his big blue eyes cause he knew my voice was flaring up as I read to him and he knew they were cheating him out of something.  That’s why I am sure he chuckled as he seen he got a letter today to Vote! I wish he could vote from Heaven!

I guess my encouragement for today is to enjoy the mail as it comes to you daily.

Your loved ones, here and after, will at some point, shed a silent tear as they receive your mail because at one time or another, I am sure there is/was a story behind getting mail for you….

Love & Blessings

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