Stress Free For A Day

Today has been a stress free day, Imagine that! I have done absolutely nothing. HaHa! I have so much on my To-Do List but I took advantage of this beautiful day and decided to just sit back and laugh, play, sing, and lay around and enjoy Brently and my husband.

We set out on the back deck in the scorching heat talking about our plans in the next few days.  School is about to start and my husband and I have decided to keep Brent home another year.  I think Brent is okay with that. I asked him, Do you want to go to school this year? He shook his head “no” (typical teenager) and then I asked, Do you want to stay at home and school come to you? He signed “yes”.  So, I am assuming he likes the Homebound Services that are in place from the previous school year.   Brent’s health has been good for the most part of summer but he is still doing this gurgling sound as if he can’t swallow and gets choked a lot of the time (that is why he is tube fed) I suction him to help with that.  The machine we use for that is so heavy.  Anywhere we go, We have to take the entire house and then some but we are grateful we have this type equipment to help during a crisis. My main focus of today was to just have an easy fun day of doing nothing and I tell you, It has been great letting all the worries of this world go. Tomorrow is a new day! We must make the best of what we have and enjoy the time we all have together.  Brently is such an amazing young man.  Today has been a good day.

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