When All I Have Left To Cry is “HOLY”

Some things can be so hard. I praise in moments of happiness and seeing with my own eyes the miracles that my son does on a daily basis. I mourn for him because there is so much that he can’t do and never will be able to do while here on this Earth.

That’s a hard pill to swallow. When all I have left in me is crying out to God, I cry Holy.  I cry Holy because I have no where else to turn. I praise God in those moments of tears even when this tired momma strives to do all I can to make sure my son knows he’s loved and adored. Even when others turn their back on him, he is worth fighting for. Today, he has had a good day. We got to chat with another L1 mom who is facing a battle right now with her son. Brent hollered “hi” to her.  It’s a process that us parents go through when we can call and lean on each other and I have found that my L1 friends are so loyal.  I can count on them to be there for me and we are all across the USA and in other Countries.  They know me in my weakness. God knows me in my weakness. I sit here tonight in the quiet yearning to hear from the God who is my rock. The God who comforts me and The God who hears me cry out to Him saying “Holy, Holy is your Name.” I have no other words left in me. This journey is life changing. A life’s cry that only a small portion understand. Trying to live in a world that clearly doesn’t understand or even want to learn the ins and outs of it all is just plain sad. We need the loving support from family, friends and our church homes and communities I am talking about loving one another as God loved the church. Being accepting of the challenge and seeing God move through spending time with who God made you to be. Who God made Brent to be.  You’ll find that he is a pretty amazing kid! Saying and doing are two different things. Step up and be that friend you ought to be. As my son’s body continues to grow and my body becomes more frail in years to come, I’ll cry “HOLY” because that is what gets me through the day. I am blessed.  I Give God the glory because it’s out of my control.




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