Hope Anchors The Soul

I am numb.  I don’t have any words of wisdom or encouragement for myself or to give anyone this very minute. My brain is trying to stay positive but in my heart I know that another battle is about to begin.  I know God will be with me through this. There is no doubt about that. I am just scared.  We received some bad news and I am having a hard time taking it all in.

Brently, my youngest child can no longer eat by mouth anymore.  The muscles in his throat are too weak for him to swallow which means that his food is slowly going into his lungs and not his esophagus.  That is one of the many reasons why he has been so sick just off and on since January of this year with pneumonia and on and off coughing.

God reminds me to “just breathe” and my anxiety and depression says “what’s the point”.  How is he going to adjust to the “new” way of eating?

A month has now passed since this devastating news.  All that we have worked on and accomplished through the years are crushed but Brent is slowing learning that he can no longer have anything by mouth again.  It has been a struggle.  I am reminded…

Hope anchors the Soul. Hebrews 6:19.fb_img_1474327098801

No matter what stage you are at in life, God is hope and anchors us as we face the storm.

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