Crazy Kind of Day

Today has been another day of clinging on to hope and having faith that God will help us through this storm we are in.  I had to take Brent to the Doctor today.  He had a blockage and I just knew we would end up in the hospital. They were able to do the procedure in the office and gave instructions on what to do when they sent us home.  I was a little afraid because I was thinking that the hospital would be a better choice for him.

With his condition of L1, of course, anything can happen.  I was thinking of a shunt malfunction or intestinal issues that could possibly cause organ failure.  So at this point, I can feel the anxiety creeping into my chest and shoulders.  I’m like every other parent.  I don’t like seeing my child hurt or in pain or have any kind of uncomfortable feeling.

Two weeks ago, Brently had a swallow study test done and failed it.  The muscles in his throat are too weak for him to swallow any food so the only other option is a feeding pump.  He now gets formula through his feeding pump every 4 hours.  He now is on medication for the spasticity.(tightness of the muscles).   He is not his fun, loving, crazy, teenage self with an attitude right now and it breaks my heart.  It seems he has not been himself since this drastic change.  If you know my Brently, he does not like change at all! If he could speak, he would tell you just that. haha.

I get home from the Doctor’s office and get him settled into bed to make him as comfortable as possible and do as the doctor said and within three hours, Brent started to grin again and laugh out loud.  Prayer is the lifeline to every situation you go through. Having faith knowing God will walk with you through the storm and that you are not alone and also having friends and family praying, I LOVE my prayer warriors. I could feel the love from everyone and I feel so blessed.  I know I may have said this before in a previous post but I have to say that even through the midst of pain and suffering and hardships we go through, life is still worth living.

It has been a crazy day. This is a crazy life. I don’t know what tomorrow may hold.  It could possibly be another day like today but I wouldn’t trade it for nothing because God will always get the glory no matter what happens!

I am truly blessed!


3 Comments on “Crazy Kind of Day

    • Thank you so much. I have found that writing is something I enjoy and need to express how day to day life really is being a mom of children with Special Needs and the in’s and out’s of all we go through..


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