Choose Joy!

Brent started off his day today not feeling good.  He has been very quite.  As the day went on, his Aide came today also and he cheered up some.  We have a new Aide and she is doing a wonderful job with him.  She is a very sweet lady and has fit in with our family great. We were happy to get a few hours in to do whatever we wanted while Brent is being taken care of.

My husband and I have started to change our eating habits and start a healthy lifestyle.  So, we are doing great on buying the correct food. That has not been the problem. Exercising is a whole other story. We decided to go buy us some bikes.  It was a great idea.  I have come to love riding. Especially in our neighborhood.  We wanted to venture off and try something different so we decided to go to the TVA trail where it is shaded.  It is like 105 degrees outside today ( I’m not joking) so we start our journey.  If you have ever been to this TVA trail you know the big huge hill that I am about to discuss. We call it (BIG Bertha).

We did great going down the hill. No problem!  We decided to turn and go toward the Tennessee River and ride on the Bridge that goes half way across.  That part was awesome.  Coming back, dear sweet Jesus, it was a living nightmare.  We made the turn to go toward BIG Bertha because it would be closer to the truck rather than go all the way around the trail.  We start up the hill and not even half way up it, we get off our bikes and start pushing them up the hill because we are so out of shape and people were looking at us like we were insane. I’m dripping sweat everywhere and about to pass out and started saying…(just keep breathing, just keep breathing) “Lord, Jesus, please get me up this hill”.  I would have taken a picture but it was an ugly scene.  haha. We finally made it to the top of BIG Bertha and I knew we were closer to our truck so I was getting excited to get some AIR… With all that said, God reminded me that it’s about spending time with the one He gave for me to spend the rest of my life with. Whether in the scorching hot, or the freezing cold I would go where ever with my husband who with no doubt loves me the way I have always prayed to be loved. I love our journey’s even though it may be for just 4 hours. We had fun today.  Especially when we sat on every bench that we came across. (Ya, I failed to mention that but you probably would have done the same if you knew BIG Bertha).

The rest of the evening, we put Brent in his swing that he loves so much for a while and then I took him for a walk up and down our street. He LOVES outdoors. We come back home and my husband is watering the yard because it has not rained in forever.  Jeff put the water hose down closer to Brent and I took his hand and put it through the water.  He started laughing hysterically and then started doing it by himself without my help.  That was an accomplishment.  God again reminds me that it is the simplest things that are sometimes most rewarding. He may never do that again but for a child to not extend his arms and hands ever, to stretching out his arms and hands to reach the water hose and play with the water, is a happy moment for me.  I cherish the moments. We are slowly developing a “new normal” since the loss of our precious son Brandon.  We notice the blessings around us and continue to strive more for the good days rather than the bad.

Today was a good day.

Choose Joy!

Rejoice in the Lord always; and again I say, rejoice!  Phil. 4:4


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