Dollie Doodle Therapy Dog

dollie  We love our GoldenDoodle named Dollie. She has become our Therapy dog for Brent.  She is precious and just turned 1 year old.  She is starting to notice Brent more which excites me cause I know this is going to be so great for my son.

Brently is paraplegic and has severe spasticity in his arms and legs causing him to be so tight that it is hard trying to get those muscles and nerves loose enough to relax and that’s where Dollie comes in.  It may only help for a few minutes or a little while but it is so well worth it to watch him be at ease as I am stretching and doing as much physical therapy  as possible. He struggles with this every single day so him relaxing and playing with Dollie is worth seeing him be happy and enjoy his dog.

Example: While Brent is laying down, She will go to him and lay down and cover his legs and waist with her body and it calms him down.  It is the most amazing thing to watch.  She lets Brent pull on her fur and rub her and it’s such great therapy for him.  BrentanDollie

Another example: When Brent is not feeling good and it’s a bad day, Dollie will lay her head on Brent’s legs to calm him while he is sitting in his chair.

It’s been the best thing for us to have her here even though she does act out like a normal dog would do.. haha! We got her when she was 4 months old.  Time is definitely flying by.  brentanddollie3          # L 1 S t r o n g



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