When you wake…..

I will probably never understand Seizures. Every time Brandon had one, It would throw him back into learning what he had just learned. It broke my heart to see him in such distress when I couldn’t do anything about it.  He would be unconscious for days.

The medicine was so strong that they had to give him and we never knew how much brain damage was done until he woke up.  I was begging God to let him wake up.  Let him be okay but each time , his brain would decrease in learning.

I have more pictures of Brandon in the hospital than I do anywhere else.  He was such a precious soul.  Life is really hard without him here. Epilepsy.  It is devastating. Especially when your loved one suffer’s so much.  Brandon’s pattern of seizures changed often with 2 different kind’s of seizures. He never was the same each time he had one.  I wondered often how in this world he would make it another day…. Random fever’s for no reason would land us in the hospital for days.  It would always turn out to be some unknown infection and then seizures would occur.  He strived and thrived in every way.

We all miss him so much. Our family will never be the same.  We are learning the “new normal” without him here and it has been so hard.

Always on my mind and in my heart…….

Much Love..mybrandon


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