Keep Holding On…

As I look back at these posts that I wrote before I started blogging, I see how scary things were.  I never got scared “in the moment” of an episode.  I would always hold on til the episode ended and then I would lose it.  I wanted to be strong for my Brandon and wanted him to feel safe and that I was taking care of him the best I knew how. I kept holding on…..


3 Years ago…

Prayers needed: As we get to the infusion clinic parking deck, Brandon goes into a full-blown seizure. As we are rushing to get him from the van to the clinic, a nurse from nowhere appears and helps up get to where we need. I believe she was an angel sent from God because as I turn to thank her she was gone. A team of Dr.’s came in and when I say team it was a whole football team if not more. As we head over to the hospital, the elevator’s were not equipped for the bed Brandon was in so we go outside and cross the street in crazy traffic with oxygen tank and tubes running every which direction. I don’t know how this day will end up. Brandon has not been able to get his infusion yet so please pray that we make the right decisions in what to do.


Our journey has led us from coming down to Birmingham for an infusion for Osteogenesis Imperfecta, to having a seizure and oxygen dropping into the 70’s off and on to leaving and going home sometime this evening with a CPAP that has to be used during the day for at least 4 hours or more and all night from now on. We leave today in Birmingham and get ready for next weeks event in Huntsville Hospital for tendon’s release and resetting of the right foot. He then will be in a cast for 8 weeks. We will be in the hospital there anywhere from overnight to 2 or 3 days. Continue to pray as we unfold the news of the weeks ahead….


Fighting our L1 battle every day.  We are #L1Strong!

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