Feeding Tube Drama

Brent has a hole in his G-tube! I have been on the phone talking to 10 different people who have no clue of what they’re doing …….. ugh!!!!!!! You would think after having a feeding tube for 14 years that it would be a piece of cake dealing with these companies… *SCREAM* ‪#‎feedingtubeissues‬ [ it never ends…. ]

This was my latest Facebook status the other day with Brent.  For some reason, his feeding tube is having all kinds of issues and I don’t understand why.  It gets so frustrating at times when really all I would like is for one day to go smooth with no interruptions.  It’s just not in the cards for us to have a “so-called normal” day.  We are striving to do all that we can to make things as comfortable and fun and loving for him.

With the constant changing of tubes, dealing with random and sometimes unknown infections, we still make it through our day.  I am so proud of this child of mine! 


A special love for her child is one of the greatest gift’s that God could give a Mommy.     TA


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