Beautiful smiles that light up MY world

brent1Brently Matthew

What I love most is that he smiles through it all.  The good, the bad, 2014-07-30 13.57.50& the ugly. He has attitude and loves to sing and play his instruments.  He loves Nascar and Alabama football.  He loves to sling his food at me when we are

learning/trying to eat by mouth instead of feeding through his feeding tube. He loves Jesus. He definitely knows who HE is. He shakes his head “no” (most of the time…haha) and “yes” to all my silly questions and when I ask him to do his work.  Yes, I think my child is amazing! He has an attitude of a 15 year old boy. Something I just recently notice that I never caught on before is…. He has come up with his own game to play.  I hope to get this on video soon so you can see what I am talking about but it brought tears to my eyes when I realized that he came up with something all on his own just like other typical children do when they are playing.   I am amazed at what I learn from him daily. I am one blessed Momma!



Brandon O’Neal

My first born child.  My life changed the day Brandon made me a Momma. His entire life has been surrounded by Angel’s.  Most of the time I would pray to God that He please give him another breath and to make him strong.  He loved listening to music.   “Jesus loves Me” was his favorite of all time.  He loved for me to sing “Jesus, there’s just something about that name” and “We fall down”. My favorite of watching him was enjoying when he would raise his little brittle arm in the air and wave his 3 fingers to Heaven worshiping his Savior.  With tears in my eyes, I knelt before the Lord and asked for forgiveness.  My son is showing me what Love is.  He is worshiping God in the midst of his pain and suffering.  Music was a huge part of Brandon’s life.  It seemed to help him through some of his toughest times.  It helps me as well.  Brandon’s favorite thing to do was to pull your hair until you no longer had any… haha. He loved playing with his favorite toy “Mr. Bug”  I never could come up with a name so that’s what it ended up being.  Mr. Bug went everywhere with him.  He slung him around and hugged him so much.  They were inseparable.  He was my pride and joy.  My Hero that taught me what being a mom was all about.


This boy is smiling and playing and dancing in Heaven today.  No suffering, no pain.  He is completely healed of his crippled body that he had here on this earth. All praise to God for allowing me to be his Mommy for a short period of time.  Truly a blessing!


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